Last updated on 01/10/2022

The Best Director field has officially opened up with a slate of familiar faces and one newcomer. Save for Maggie Gyllenhaal making her directorial debut with The Lost Daughter, every director included on this list has been nominated for Best Director at the Academy Awards before. What’s more, Steven Spielberg has gone on to win twice while Guillermo Del Toro has won once, so Maggie will have some stiff competition no matter where she looks. And in the wake of the Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice nominations. she is already behind Denis Villeneuve, Jane Campion, Kenneth Branagh, and Steven Spielberg, who have all earned both nominations thus far. Yet, with the DGA and BAFTA Nominations still ahead of us, there is ample time to make up ground.

Regarding any ties: our predictions are sorted by Win %, Nomination %, Outside Wins, and Outside Nominations, in that order. In the event of any ties, I am also sorting by Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer at lowest priority to determine physical chart position, though not allowing it to actually break any ties. It has no true bearing on a film’s Oscar chances, but it’s the simplest aggregate of overall critical reception, and it’s less arbitrary than sorting alphabetically by “Film Name” when ties are involved.



  • Golden Globe AwardsNominations have been announced. Winners announced 1/9/22.
  • Critic’s Choice Awards – Nominations have been announced. Ceremony date TBA.
  • Directors Guild of America Awards – Nominations announced 1/27/22.
  • British Academy of Film and Television Arts Awards – Nominations announced 2/3/22.