This is a strange category here. Coming 2 America was nominated for 60% of the possible awards, and it won every award it was nominated for. The only problem is that every nomination and win came from the Make-Up & Hairstylist Guild Awards. As a result, many other sources are predicting Tammy Faye or Cruella instead, which have less wins but more nominations (and from more than one award show). I see the argument, but I’m not so easily swayed. If you’re going to win any awards, the guilds are a great place to start, as they share voters with the Oscars in a way that the Critics Choice and BAFTAs do not. And though Coming 2 America did not compete against either film when there were genre splits, it did beat Tammy for special effects make-up. The data could lead us in a few directions here, but I’m following the wins. Coming 2 America is our predicted winner.

Note: Regarding any ties: our predictions are sorted by Win %, Nomination %, Outside Wins, and Outside Nominations, in that order. In the event of any ties, I am also sorting by Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer at lowest priority to determine physical chart position, though not allowing it to actually break any ties. It has no true bearing on a film’s Oscar chances, but it’s the simplest aggregate of overall critical reception, and it’s less arbitrary than sorting alphabetically by “Film Name” when ties are involved.


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    Note: The Make-Up and Hair Stylists Guild nominate in five major categories: Contemporary Hair, Contemporary Make-Up. Period and/or Character Hair, Period and/or Character Make-Up, and Special Make-Up Effects. In certain cases(time travel films) a film could be nominated for all five, but in most cases three MUAH nominations would the best case scenario, for a total of five with CC and BAFTA. So for our purposes, each MUAH nomination counts as 1 of 5 possible nominations (rather than each being 1 of 7).
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